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General Contracting is a common means of collaboration wherein a client brings in a contractor to prepare a detailed estimate and bid proposal upon the architect’s completion of the construction documents. The contractor will review and interpret the construction documents and their intent, apply his or her knowledge and understanding of the construction process, and consult qualified subcontractors in order to generate an accurate bid estimating the cumulative cost of construction via lump sum.

Once both client and contractor agree upon this bid proposal, the client awards the project, using the proposal as the basis for a written agreement assigning the contractor the responsibility to guarantee and complete all work for the provided lump sum, regardless of economic impacts, positive or negative.

As with the rest of McQueenVerdi ▪ Group’s delivery methods and options, our General Contracting contracts are distinguished by our trademark specialization, integration, and innovation. Pushing the envelope toward a higher degree of sophistication, we offer the following spectrum of services designed to deliver a maximum return for every contract:

Preconstruction Services:
Conceptual Budgeting
Review of Plans and Specifications
Project Estimating
Value Engineering
Constructability Reviews

Construction Services:
Cost Estimating
Building Permits and Inspections
Preparation of Contract(s)
Scheduling – Critical Path or Other
Insurance and Bonds
Subcontractor Bidding and Coordination
Material Procurement
Change Order Management
Self-Performed Site Work

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