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While we’re happy to offer our clients a choice of the three aforementioned project deliver methods, history has shown that the Design / Build process is the most efficient and cost effective method of the three, making it the easiest and most predictable route to the final product.

As a “design-led” Design / Build firm, McQueenVerdi ▪ Group provides a full range of services to move a project from initial analysis and design to completion within a competitive and reasonable time frame. Subsequently, as each project progresses through our Design / Build process, we offer continual opportunities to maximize choice, flexibility, coordination, and cost improvement.

Because we are not only “design-led,” but also integrated, we differ greatly from a typical contractor-led team—taking a unique and organic approach to produce buildings that are not only better designed, but more economically built. Our team of experienced architects and construction experts understand what it takes to excel in the Design / Build process, resulting in an integrated approach that offers a single point of responsibility, a faster design process, better cost control, and a smoother, quicker construction process.

We’ve found time and time again that our carefully cultivated Design / Build process consistently allows our team and our clients to accurately monitor cost and value from the very beginning through the very end, effectively coordinate all phases through a single source, and leverage integration to make seamless adjustments and adaptations to quality, scope, and budget with few limitations. The result is concrete efficiency that extends throughout the course of the project.

Broken down into two parts of designated services—each contracted separately—the Design / Build method progresses as follows:

Part I
Feasibility Services
Design Services
Land Use Approval Services
Budgeting Services

Part II
Final Design Services
Construction Documentation

Part I focuses primarily on defining the budget and crafting a comprehensive solution that satisfies all outlined objectives while building the foundation for Part II, which moves on to construction documents and building.

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