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Introduced during the late 1960s in response to the rapid rise of construction costs, Construction Management leverages the value of competitive bidding in order to select a multi-party assortment of hires often composed of an architect, contractor, and combination of subcontractors. In order to facilitate both the corresponding bidding and interview process and the subsequently complex building process, the client enlists the help of a construction manager to establish and maintain lines of authority, responsibility, and accountability while protecting the client’s interest in terms of cost, value, and execution. Contractors in this mode of delivery typically operate under a cost-plus-fee agreement rather than a stipulated sum agreement.

The flexibility and increased scope of such a role allows the construction manager to closely monitor and improve quality, economy, and scheduling while retaining the benefits of competitively bidding subcontractors—a task well-fit for McQueenVerdi ▪ Group’s multi-generations of experience with planning, subcontractor relations, complex organization, and superior communication across the following components:

Preconstruction Services:
Conceptual Budgeting
Review of Plans and Specifications
Project Estimating
Value Engineering
Constructability Reviews

Construction Management Services:
Cost Estimating
Building Permits and Inspections
Preparation of Contract(s)
Scheduling – Critical Path or Other
Insurance and Bonds
Subcontractor Bidding and Coordination
Material Procurement
Change Order Management


Subcontractor Bid List
Managing and forwarding requisite bid requests to client-approved contractors for fulfillment.

Financial Review
Evaluation of subcontractors’ financial strengths prior to recommending a contract award—and subsequent management of these strengths throughout the course of the project.

Insurance Review
Review and tracking of subcontractors’ insurance certificates to ensure compliance with client’s specified requirements and procurement of project-mandated coverage.

Contract Review
Comprehensive review of contracts to protect all parties and ensure proper communication, goals, and responsibilities.

Requisition Review
Review and management of payment requests to ensure that subcontractors are paid according to the contract and only upon approved completion of work.

Lien Review
Review and management of requisite lien waivers from all subcontractors.

Contract Document Tracking
Logging and distribution of contract drawings to ensure that contractors receive current and approved documentation in accordance with scheduling.

Change Proposal Management
Management and evaluation of any subcontractor-proposed changes in cost or schedule due to new or revised contract documents.

Schedule Management
Comprehensive scheduling outlined prior to start of construction and closely monitored throughout the process to ensure compliance with deadlines.

Continual evaluations of field operations to determine possibilities for the improvement of tasks, equipment, and materials and make appropriate recommendations to the client.

Quality Control
Continual monitoring of all contracted work for compliance with quality and specifications.

Job Meetings
Regular coordination of job meetings and recorded minutes to coordinate work and maintain communication.

Close monitoring of all on-site safety standards and coordination of safety meetings to ensure compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) standards.

Punch List
Oversight and review of architect / contractor punch lists to outline subcontractor responsibility and any items requiring correction prior to escalation.

Testing / Warranty and Owner Training
Scheduling and execution of client training sessions for new systems (generators, audio visual components, mechanics, etc.) in coordination with associated contractors and specialists.

Turnover / Commissioning
Verification of all contractual fulfillments prior to recommending final contract payment along with subsequent organization and delivery of closing manuals, drawings, warrantees, and waivers to client.

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