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The average homeowner spends more than 4,745 hours a year in their home—or the equivalent of 197 consecutive 24-hour days.

Apply this number across the span of a 30-year mortgage, and the time spent in a home rises to a total of 142,350 hours—or more than 16 consecutive years per resident.

That’s a lot of time to spend in a home you’re not happy with.

At McQueenVerdi ▪ Group, we’re intimately aware of the implications of such numbers. That’s why we’re committed to designing and building homes that are truly majestic—homes that people love to live in, and homes forged from enough quality craftsmanship to ensure that this majesty and this love lasts not just 30 years, but a lifetime.

We also know that the average home renovation can cost well above $10,000 per room. That’s why McQueenVerdi ▪ Group is committed to quality and longevity the first time around. If you’re in need of an addition years down the line due to a growing family, we’ll be there to help—but you certainly won’t need to renovate our work because of inferior design or materials.

Our commitment to quality is our only limitation. Whatever your dream home may look like, we’ll design and build it—and we’ll design and build it well.

Open Communication

With a project as important as your new home, you deserve frequent and easy contact with your design and construction team—without surprises. That’s just another advantage of working with McQueenVerdi ▪ Group.

From the moment we break ground to the moment we pack our tools, we’ll email you consistent updates on project and budget—and we’re always available to you via cell phone. Why? Keeping our clients in the loop is a vital component of our philosophy, not an imposition or chore. Sound hard to believe? Give us a call. Whether we’re in the midst of your project or have long turned over the keys, we’ll not only answer, but we’ll do so in a manner that’s open, timely, and professional.

Authentic communication is the cornerstone of our commitment to service—and it’s the reason we continue to earn trust and retention from the best clients, subcontractors, and suppliers.

Building Homes—and Relationships

Why can’t homebuilding be positive? With McQueenVerdi ▪ Group, it is.

We love what we do, and we combine the right people, the right materials, and the right attitude to create a jobsite that is welcoming, pleasant, and—perhaps most importantly—productive.

Everyone we employ—from our managers to our drivers—holds a degree in their respective field and sees homebuilding as a lifelong career, not just a means to a paycheck. Our clients, meanwhile, see us as enthusiastic partners, not distant hired help—partners whose assistance leads to the home they’ve always dreamed of.

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