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Committed to excellence in every facet of our operation, McQueenVerdi ▪ Group seeks to push the envelope of professional standards and client satisfaction by marrying old-world values with cutting-edge practice. Furthermore, by keeping all of our services in-house, we leverage the power of teamwork and integration to maintain seamless consistency, communication, and focus in order to deliver on time, on budget, and above expectation.

Our four tiers of quality service represent our commitment to our clients, our industry, and superior innovation:

Our project may be over when the job is finished—but our commitment to quality isn’t. From the moment we shake hands, we take responsibility for our promises and continue to stand by our work long after the last nail finds its home.

Waste is easy—and so is excess. We take the hard route to maximize budget without compromising quality, utilizing precise material management techniques and a wealth of trusted resources in order to get the most out of every dollar.

We don’t compromise on communication. Our project manager serves as an ever-accessible point of contact for all of your communication needs. If you have a question, we’ll have an answer—along with an explanation, timeframe, and list of actions.

All jobs look clean on paper—but in the real world, that can change. Our team members are exceptionally trained and committed to the highest standards of organization, cleanliness, and safety in order to protect each other, our clients, and the general public.

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