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Kevin McQueen, AIA
Partner, Architect

Kevin McQueen discovered his passion for architecture early on while studying drafting as a teenager. Intent on pursing that passion to the fullest extent and earning the tools necessary to one day make a name for himself via his own firm, McQueen went on to earn an Associates of Architectural Engineering Degree from Norwalk Technical College and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture from Ohio State University.

With his education in place, McQueen became a registered Architect in Connecticut and New York and spent much of the next decade putting his theory to practice by working for some of the Tri-State area’s top architectural engineering firms. This diverse experience allowed him to expand his knowledge across a wide range of practices and develop added expertise prior to co-founding Architecture▪Design▪Alliance in 1990 and McQueenVerdi ▪ Group in 2010—two firms centered around the ideals of progressive design, organic integration of team-wide strengths and resources, and immaculate standards set well above the industry norm.

In addition to overseeing these two companies and an ever-evolving number of projects, McQueen continues to pursue professional development through membership with the American Institute of Architects, A.I.A. Connecticut, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and the International Code Council. He also maintains registration in Connecticut as an Interior Designer—a title that illustrates his commitment to design that radiates across all facets, from interior to exterior and macro to micro.

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